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OBU Project Mentoring Mauritius

According to the Official Website of ACCA –, 

One of the requirements of the Oxford Brookes BSc degree programme is that students must have a Project Mentor to support and guide them as they complete the Research and Analysis Project.

AEA Training Centre provide OBU Mentoring Services so that students get help for the preparation of their Research and Analysis Project. The ACCA OBU mentor will provide advice and feedback to you on a regular and timely basis during your Project Activities.

Dr. Girish Nuckchady – ACCA Oxford Brookes Project Mentor

Dr. Girish is a certified mentor who will be providing mentorship to the students via Skype/Emails. ACCA Students, not only in Mauritius, but worldwide will be able to benefit from this OBU Mentoring Service.


OBU Mentoring Services

Dr. Girish, being an effective Project mentor demonstrate the following Qualities:

  • Approachable and has a genuine interest in helping the ACCA Student to succeed
  • Listens and actively asks questions
  • Respects confidentiality and is trustworthy
  • Offers support and encouragement
  • Helps the ACCA student meet their objectives
  • is knowledgable and competent
  • grasps the essence of the technicalities without becoming a subject matter expert

Submission Deadlines – Research Analysis Project (RAP)

AEA is offering mentoring services for both deadlines:

17th may 2017 and

 Mid-November 2017.

OBU Project Mentoring Registration Form for BSc Applied Accounting