Masters in Education (MEd)

Description: This program gives educators/trainers the opportunity to enhance their professional competence through advanced coursework and research-based projects. The program is set in the context of societies becoming increasingly reliant on the efforts of ‘knowledge workers’. Educators at all levels have important roles to play in developing the capacity of citizens to work effectively with knowledge. New approaches to education, emphasizing knowledge building rather than transmission can contribute to preparing citizens to participate more fully in the ‘knowledge economy’ and ‘information society’. The Master of Education program aims to develop in its graduates the capabilities and dispositions to work as engaged professional educators in knowledge building communities.

Duration: 2 years

Requirement: Bachelors of Educations from a recognized University + 5 yrs of teaching experience


Undergraduate degree and PGCE which is recognised by TEC + 5 yrs of teaching experience

Intake: March, July, November

Fee: Call AEA for fees

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29th July 2016 at 8:16 pm

Hello,i would like to know the cost of the course if possible. Thank you.


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