Why Study in Mauritius?

There is no questioning the beauty of Mauritius’ beaches. And the famous powder white sands, which slope gently into sapphire blue waters, have long lured visitors to the island. Yet beyond their achingly picturesque aesthetics lies an island waiting to be discovered: markets hum, gardens bloom, swathes of feather-tipped sugarcane ripple across undulating fields and moss green mountains frame a verdant, compact landscape that spills into the Indian ocean – it is a textbook tropical island paradise.

Tertiary institutions in Mauritius includes colleges, universities, Institutes of Technology/Polytechnic and other technical institutions. Universities, as in most countries worldwide, have three stages: Bachelor’s (undergraduate), Master’s (graduate), and Doctoral degrees The benefits of studying in Mauritius can be summarized as follows:
• Receive a world-class, Internationally-recognized education.
• Enjoy affordable education and living.

Part Time Job in Mauritius during study

Students aged 16 or more and have a student VISA for at least one year validity are eligible for a maximum of 20 hours of part time job per week, as per the Rules and Regulations imposed by the Passport and Immigration Office and the Ministry of Labour, Industrial and Employment.
For more information please visit :
Ministry of Labour, Industrial and Employment:
Passport and Immigration Office