Testimonial from our Ex-Student

“….While doing my studies at your centre, I was working in the teaching field. I taught Computer Studies up to A-Level in State Secondary Schools … To my belief, the course offered by AEA Training Centre … gave me a solid background in Computing and was very helpful to me in various fields which I would further detail …

… I moved to Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications as System Analyst … I worked as DBA, Network Administrator, Programmer and Web Designer for 2 years and to be honest, the knowledge and experience I gained while studying at AEA was more than enough for me to adapt to changing environments in my work.
I then completed a Master Degree in Computer Networks at Middlesex University… It helped me to further build up on and deepen my knowledge and doing research.

Furthermore, what I consider to be most important with the BCIS qualification is that I was offered top courses from top UK universities for my post graduate studies. Let me quote some of them: MSc Advanced Computer Science from The University of Birmingham, MSc in Software Engineering from University of Bristol, MSc in Computing and Performance Engineering from University of Bradford, MSc Computer Communications from Brunel University and many others. …”

Virmall Lallbeeharry
Ex-student of AEA training Centre

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